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Custom Application Development

ESS custom development services revolve around service-oriented architecture, including .NET and all Microsoft technologies, to create solutions that address your business needs and technical requirements. With expertise and resources in the primary development environments, ESS can build or modify your mission-critical applications to ensure reliable delivery of the services you need to compete in today’s marketplace. With an emphasis on service-oriented architecture, ESS drives down the total cost of application development by employing reusable components. Whether you are deploying with .NET or another competing technology, our focus on planning the interaction of rules, services and flows ensures that your application supports your long-term strategies. For ESS, development is not about the short-term. We focus on the application lifecycle and build with an eye on your future needs. Well-planned, quality development can reduce future resource requirements for maintenance and support of an application and simplify configuration management and performance. Quality development not only reduces the total cost of ownership for an application, but is essential for integrating the new and emerging technologies necessary to remain competitive. To ensure high-quality, high-performance applications, ESS offers software quality assurance and testing. Applying software quality assurance techniques early and often can eliminate errors before they become costly.

Custom Web Development
Innovate your web presence by blending your brand and capabilities with New Economy strategy and technology - extending your reach to customers, business partners and employees. The Internet is in a constant state of redefinition as organizations of all kinds find ways to reach out in a new way to their audiences. With each new web site or online exchange comes the possibility to set a higher standard for using technology to change the human experience - and, the opportunity to translate that innovation into real results and profitability. Whether you're selling stocks or stock cars, B2B or B2C, wired or wireless, what matters is how you reach those humans who make decisions about your company and its goods and services. Your company must redefine itself - or transform - along with every other organization vying for customers, business partners and customers in the New Economy. How do you transform your business for competitive advantage? What strategies can you take from the bricks world to the clicks world? How can you re-invent to extend your customer relationships with online technologies? And how can you meet your market with speed to beat the competition yet with brand strength and scalability to meet the next challenge? ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE SYSTEMS can help you meet this challenge and improve your online relationships with customers, business partners and employees. Our Custom Web Development Solution increases your web presence by blending your brand and capabilities with strategy and proven technologies.

Enterprise Application Development
You know the importance of integrating disparate technologies to provide a competitive advantage and maximize your IT investment. You know integration is the key to reducing complexities, improving time-to-market, reducing costs, delivering accurate information, improving performance and productivity, increasing reuse and providing flexibility and scalability. You also know you have unique needs based on your industry, size and business objectives. How do you integrate your technologies efficiently and cost-effectively to meet your business needs? ESS’s Enterprise Integration practice focuses on delivering solutions geared to your unique business needs. Integration isn’t an abstract concept – it’s combining organizational, business, applications, data and technology architectures in the right way for your business. We know that no one strategy is right for all companies and we work with you to understand your infrastructure and processes to create a comprehensive solution. We focus on understanding your business goals to ensure your enterprise integration initiative has a direct connection to these goals, providing added value and increased flexibility each time new infrastructure is deployed. An integration solution that doesn’t incorporate your key data, applications and business processes, isn’t really a solution. To help you achieve application interoperability, ESS uses consistent processes focused around data, application and technology integration. Our approach addresses key enterprise architectural components including organizational structure, business, applications, data and technical sub-architectures. Clients benefit from our reusable, repeatable assets, ranging from process and methodology to best practices.
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