1. Increase Speed of Marketing Phase
Leveraging technology solutions can help investment sales teams drastically expedite the marketing phase and become more operationally efficient.

Digital platforms can not only help create a process-oriented approach to marketing properties but can also convert tedious manual processes into automated approaches to save valuable time and accelerate deals.

For example, you can automate and create marketing materials (interactive deal sites, PDF presentations, email blasts) with a click of a button instead of producing them one-by-one with an overworked graphic designer or expensive agency.

2. Get Greater Exposure for Your Deals Having an online presentation for your deal serves as an important marketing hub to maximize reach to buyers and investors.

Your online “teaser” is the key landing page for all marketing activities and linked from multiple sources such as email blasts, your company website, social media, search engines like Google, as well as numerous CRE listing sites.

In fact, platforms like ESS Software can help automate syndication of your deals so that they automatically show up in the search results of various third-party CRE portals without you having to do any additional work.

3. Streamline Document Management
Cloud-based document management systems allow you to update and securely share key property files (offering memorandum, rent roll, P&Ls, etc.) from a centralized, online repository. This helps simplify your workflow and significantly reduces the amount of manual emails you send to save valuable time.

In addition, many solutions offer online Confidentiality Agreements and granular permission settings to provide complete access control for your documents and folders.

4. Get Real-Time Analytics and Reporting Perhaps the most powerful capability of a technology solution is to measure the success of your marketing and let you know who is engaging with your deal to help improve your sales performance.

Reporting and analytics provide insights to help your team make the best decisions for your CRE marketing efforts.

Marketing technologies offer a great opportunity to act on the data you have so you can continuously tweak and increase your chances of winning more deals.

5. Ease Friction for Your Clients
Buyers and investors want quick and easy access to deal information, Period.

Just as technology can help simplify your workflow, it can also help ease the friction for your clients and how they engage with your deals. Document portals, online Confidentiality Agreements, mobile-friendly marketing materials, are all important to create an optimal user experience for your clients to help you get deals done.