Commercial real estate email marketing may be the most frequently used marketing medium by commercial real estate professionals. This is because it’s a cost effective way to reach out to a large database with minimal time and effort. Be careful though, if email marketing is not used properly or executed poorly, it can become a waste of time and resources. Get help from one of our professional now, we will walk your through the entire process.

Our Process for Commercial Real Estate Email Marketing

Are you analyzing statistics, tracking website hits and following up with inquiries? Is your message client-centric or are you simply selling without offering any value? Once we have a complete understanding of your email marketing objectives and goals – we’ll develop a strategy and walk you through the entire process.

Target Audience

Nothing is more important than your database, however if you’re not segmenting or unaware of who’s receiving what messages than your diminishing the quality and capability of your commercial real estate CRM. The first step will always be to develop a thorough understanding of who is in your database and the logical category that they fall into. Creating categories will provide the opportunity to target specific audiences through your email marketing campaigns.

Develop Message

What are we trying to accomplish? Is this email for business development or marketing a new listing? The type of email that we create will be dependent upon your goals. Typical goals or email marketing campaign types will usually fall into one of several categories, such as business development, property marketing, real estate newsletters, content offers, recent success, client need or something else.


With a message developed, we’ll want to design the perfect layout and supporting visuals to speak to your audience. The message should be clear and easy to understand. In most instances, it’s useful to provide download links, contact information and URL re-directs that will give the receiver an opportunity to visit additional pages if they’re interested in learning more.


If you’re not tracking several metrics on each email that you send, it’s time to re-think the way that you’re doing things. It’s imperative to understand who’s visiting your commercial real estate website.

Add Value

It’s easy to reuse the same template and continue hammering your audience with available properties and service offerings but it’s a matter of time before your prospect and client list decrease in size because of unsubscribes. It’s crucial to keep your audience engaged by providing value in at least a portion of the emails that you send.

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